Fibre, Fleeces and Lambs


I started building my flock of coloured sheep soon after we arrived at Rewa Rewa Station. My dream before I came to NZ was to learn to spin which I did as soon as we set foot here as tourists. Once at the farm I realised that I wanted to spin my own wool and be involved in the whole process and produce quality wool for craft purposes.

My first few sheep came from a friend who taught me to spin, she had been involved in breeding coloured sheep for nearly 40 years. I introduced a Polwarth ram to my flock to try and produce some finer wool. Then one day Rod came home with a little flock of Gotland as a present. The rest is history.

My aim is to produce good quality wool with natural colour interest and variation. I also like to experiment and mix things up a bit so I also acquired some Angora goats which produce mohair fibre and few alpacas.

My fibres can be used on their own or blended with the coloured wool with pleasing effects. The mohair is white so this give great opportunity to play with colour (cold dye) and blending.